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Dec 7, 2018

My battle with anxiety and depression began in adolescence. If you had asked me at the time what I thought of myself I would have told you I was too sensitive, ugly, weak, and hopeless.

For years I ached for relief from the burden of myself. I searched high and low for answers, including therapy and medication, yet something was missing.

Then, at 17 years old I found Yoga and everything changed!

While on my mat, I began to see myself through a new lens. I attempted things I had previously believed I was incapable of doing. I stood in awe of my strength as I held a challenging posture and celebrated my ability to use my breath to endure discomfort. As my perception changed, it opened the door to endless possibilities.

Our mind can be our greatest ally or beastly foe. We have the power to change our chemistry by consciously choosing the thoughts we focus on, the way we breathe, and how we hold our body. Knowing this, I cannot help but share with all who will listen.

My practice has been my anchor, through teenage pregnancy, divorce, mental illness, and everyday life. My hope is to walk alongside other women as they refine the tools of this practice, to encourage them along the way, and challenge them toward growth. The broader and deeper our set of tools for living are, the more we can become the hero of our own lives!

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