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Feb 1, 2019

Nashville-based independent singer/songwriter JJ Heller released her 10th full-length studio album, I Dream of You (Volume II). The record is a compilation of 12 favorite cover songs from the 1950’s through today, and three original songs produced to stir feelings of nostalgia for listeners of all ages. Heller’s effortless voice combines with moving piano accompaniment, orchestral arrangements, a children’s choir, and a 10-piece string section to create a truly unforgettable collection of songs elevating the definition of children’s music to an entirely new level. 

When Heller released the first I Dream of You album in 2014, she had no idea how significantly it would shape her career. At the time, the mother of two small girls simply intended to create soothing love songs with messages of simple devotion from a parent to a child. After listeners began sharing stories of how the songs played in integral role in their family’s bedtime routines, car rides, or hospital visits, Heller began donating the album to hospitals, adoption agencies, and families of young children. The album has since been donated to over 100,000 families. — Read stories from listeners at

In 2017 after Heller told her producer, Ben Shive, how I Dream of You had became one of her most-streamed albums, he suggested making a sequel. The idea had never occurred to her, but it was quickly embraced and acted on. Soon, with the support of 1,700 fans, Heller raised $80,000 through a Kickstarter campaign which allowed her to hire over 30 musicians, producers and engineers to help her turn the record from a dream into a reality. 

Kickstarter backers were given a chance to hear the album early as their reward for financially supporting the campaign, and after her first listen, backer Leeann Hadgis wrote:

I can't imagine a more perfect mix is songs. I feel transported by the music and whimsy. My children are older so this is an album for me… such an excellent way to start my weekend. I will be buying this for all my friends so they can, feel the same joy I feel, when listening. I am unable to choose one favorite since they all are magical.

Miles Davis once said “… sometimes it takes you a long time to sound like yourself.” With over 15 years experience as a full-time  singer/songwriter, Heller has developed an iconic style of vocal performance. Her unmistakable voice and charming delivery shines from the opening track “It’s Such A Good Feeling” by the much-loved television personality Fred Rogers (Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood) to the closing original track “In The Morning.” 


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