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mommispace's podcast

Sep 28, 2018


Formally, I am a Certified Birth Doula through DONA, a training midwife, and a placenta encapsulation specialist. I work with the amazing midwives at OC Midwifery as a training midwife and will continue to do so as a midwife upon receiving my license. I have poured my heart and life into doula and midwifery work for over 8 years and have attended hundreds of beautiful and varying birth experiences in the home, birth center and hospital. It has been my joy to walk through life and pregnancy with close friends. And an honor to  meet new clients who become friends.

  I learned from my own birth experience that each story is unique and comes with its own lesson and I hope to honor that with each woman I stand beside. 

  I am passionate about all things holistic living. Good nutrition, herbal remedies, homeopathy, essential oils, exercise and the mind body connection through meditation are some of my favorite things to talk and learn about. Most of all, I just try to keep it real in a world full of crazy. We all need a little bit more real and honest in our lives. 



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