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Aug 3, 2018

Peggy Roloff is mother to 4, Grandmother to 10, and Great-Grandmother to 3.

You would not expect one who has endured so much to radiate so much joy, but those who know her know that the love of God follows her.

Having raised two sons with dwarfism and another son who had heart problems from birth who later passed away due to heart complications, Peggy’s life is marked by perseverance, faithfulness, and strength.

Once her children were grown she went back to school, earned her certificate to do substance addiction counseling, and worked at her local church for nearly 10 years.

These are some of the her most treasured scripture references - II Tim 2:7, John 14:27, John 16:33, Phil 4:7, and Matt 7:11.

It was an honor to hear her story and share it with this community!


“When I was 12 my grandmother died and I chose a box of her paints that her sons were tossing out. They were China Paints, which need to be fired on fine china pieces. I searched for someone to teach me but alas there was none to be found. Finally when I was about 30 I found someone at the county fair who was demonstrating. I quickly made the connections and began painting and teaching.

This was a wonderful outlet for me.

For many years I held a Christmas sale in our home so all the family could help and even had their own crafts. Probably 30 people would join us. The house would fill with wonderful fragrances, gifts and ornaments. A very special time.

I recommend it to other women who are mothers of children with problems and those without.”


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