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mommispace's podcast

Apr 23, 2018

Ally Meister is an amazing wife to her husband Drew whom she married after they met at California Baptist University in 2009.   She is a caring mother to three beautiful children Nolan (5), Maylene (3) and Chase (1). Whether it is her family, friends or people that Ally has crossed paths with, she has an unbelievable impact in sharing God’s love and supporting them.  In her home, Ally manages Nolan’s Type 1 Diabetes and Chase’s epilepsy, cerebral palsy and therapy needs. She has not retracted her faith in anger, but instead let it grow her to a new depth of love and understanding of Christ. God has blessed us with her and her knowledge of him, so I hope the opportunity to share her writing with you has the same impact it has on so many in her life.

Her story is humbling and powerful. Everyone can learn and take something from her journey.

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