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mommispace's podcast

Feb 12, 2018

Jesi Haack. Wife to Ryan, mom of four, business owner.

Jesi Haack Design - Design | Production | Installation.

CoFounder of Slaack Productions

After being the first to tie the knot among her group of friends, Jesi began helping her pals plan and design their weddings. Soon friends of friends encountered her imaginative work, which transformed traditional events into trendy affairs. Bookings and referrals began to stream in. Everyone wanted Jesi’s playful prowess in creative construction. Jesi quickly created a website and printed business cards on her home printer once she discovered the demand for her ideas, and Jesi Haack Design was born. Once a popular wedding blog picked up her event designs, her business “took off in full force.”


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Favorite Product - Sparkling Rose & Her Front Yard

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